A Covid-19 Statement from Greyhound Homecare

Our first priority is the health and safety of our readers, viewers, customers, and – of course- our greyhounds. Read Gail’s statement here. 

Here at Greyhound Homecare, I am monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, with one overall goal in mind: to keep my readers, viewers, customers, and – of course- our greyhounds safe. Even more than that, I know that I have a responsibility—to each of you who rely on my articles and videos, to keep information current and flowing, in regards to best practices for your pet greyhound. 

Please take the time to view my three Covid-specific videos on better living with your greyhound during this trying time. 

“Greyhound in a Face Mask: a reality check”

“The Truth About Greyhounds with Coronavirus”

If you are in a locked down area, you may be experiencing some cabin fever!  You may find these articles helpful: