How to Take Care of a Greyhound: Essential Reading

Many people worry that taking care of a pet greyhound will be complicated. Although it does take time, it is really not complicated.

Pet greyhound care is, basically, the same as for that of any other large breed dog. They need:
* high quality dry food
* plentiful fresh water
* daily toothbrushing
* an hour of exercise
* plenty of sleep
* large, orthopedically-supportive bed
* proper supervision

The following is essential reading for the new pet greyhound owner. Even seasoned owners will find these articles useful to brush up or enhance their greyhound-care skills.

Is My Greyhound Sick? These May be Warning Signs

Is My Greyhound Sick? These May be Warning Signs

Read this article first. You will be better informed, and ready to head off little problems, before they become big, expensive problems.

Greyhound Ear Mites – a simple home remedy

My Greyhound has Ear Mites: a safe, natural home remedy

The cure for your greyhound’s pesky ear mites is as close as your kitchen cabinet! Who would think simple olive oil (plus time and dedication) could eradicate your greyhound’s ear mites?

Can Greyhounds Get Sunburn?

Can Greyhounds Get Sunburn?

You bet they can! Find out the hows, whens, and whys of this problem that you never really hear about.

Why Does my Greyhound Shake?

Why Does my Greyhound Shake?

It can be scary to see your greyhound trembling. Sometimes the cause is physical, and sometimes just emotional. Read on to help sort out the reason and stop that greyhound earthquake!

Martingale Collar Adjustment

How to Adjust my Greyhound’s Martingale Collar?

I couldn’t write a better article than this one by Patricia, so I made a video with some guiding commentary and a live demonstration.

My Greyhound is a Picky Eater: 10 Tips That Work

Why Won’t My Greyhound Eat: Help for Your Pet at Any Age

If he rejects his bowl, but loves his cookies, it’s easy to assume that this is purely an emtional problem…but often, there is a physical component. Read this article to gain the insight that will lead you to solve this problem.

Why Does my Greyhound Pant so Much?

Why Does My Greyhound Pant so Much?

There is a range of reasons for this; but when the reason is physical, you need to act quickly. Must reading for all greyhound owners.

Why Does my Greyhound have Loose Stools? (recovery and prevention)

Why Does my Greyhound have Loose Stools? [Ultimate Guide to Recovery and Prevention]

I am dismayed how MANY greyhound owners dismiss this with a “Yeah, that’s just the way he is.” It doesn’t have to be!! Loose stool is a sign that something is amiss with your greyhound. Read on to sort out this problem. Your greyhound will thank you for it!

What to do When Your Greyhound Won’t Go

What to Do When Your Greyhound Won’t Go

A greyhound often won’t go, because he is getting sick. Other times, he becomes sick, because he doesn’t empty out often enough.

Greyhound Urinary Tract Infection

Greyhound Urinary Tract Infection: The Ultimate Resource (ByeBye UTI 7 Day Bootcamp)

The most common complaint at the vet’s office, yet nobody talks about this easily-preventable problem. Do not miss this full resource that I wrote to keep your greyhound UTI-free for life.

What Foods are Bad for my Greyhound?

What Foods are Bad for my Greyhound?

Read before you feed! Learn about forty common foods and food ingredients that are harmful to greyhounds. Includes the potential health effects, and what component of the food is harmful.

Gail McGaffigan

The owner of the Greyhound Homecare website and YouTube channel, Gail has had retired racing greyhounds as pets since 1997. Please visit our channel, too!

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