The Roof Dogs: 3 Daredevil Pups Will Blow Your Mind

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I see this picture caught your eye as much as it did mine; so I decided to string together some stories, from across the globe, of dogs who are in the news, because they enjoy surveying their kingdom from the highest pinnacle. 

Below, you can read a basic synopsis of each story.  For all the details, scroll to the bottom of this page to enjoy my video coverage of the action.  I also provide links to each story, if you would prefer to read them on your own.

Let’s get right into it, with our cover dog from Aberdare, South Wales.  According to the Daily Mail

1. What do You Call a Dog Who Walks on the Roof? Rufus, of Course!

This story is the one that inspired me to write about this.  A lurcher in Wales somehow gets up on the roof of a row of attatched houses, strolls to the end, and greets passers-by with a chipper bark!  He nimbly walks back and forth along the top of the roof, watching the world unfolding below.

Says the Daily Mail

“Standing bravely on the top of the gable end 25ft up, the pet has earned its new nickname, Rufus. Neighbours say the ‘deft’ animal often saunters along the terraced row in Aberdare, enjoying views of the South Wales valleys…”

The Daily Mail

2. Dog and Thatcher are Roof Pals

The next roof-dog story is a new twist on Bring your Child to Work Day!  This story was reported in the Rocket Roofing blog.  In my video, I include clips from the BBC.

Richard Haughton is a thatcher in England, who is never lonely at work, because he is currently on his second generation of dog who comes to work with him.  His first dog, Axel, came up onto the roof with Richard from the time he was just a puppy.  

According to Roof Rocket...

“Haughton first took Axel on the roof when he was 7 weeks old, and the dog has been a steady fixture on the job ever since.  Axel, a mixture of Labrador, Rottweiler and Newfoundland happily sits on the rooftop and watches the crew thatch the roof. Axel sits on the roof for 4-5 hours a day, if it is too hot, he stays on the ground and sleeps in the shade. Often customers invite Axel inside their homes and spoil him with treats.”

The Roof Rocket Blog

Axel passed away at the age of 13.  

Richard’s current mascot is Shuck; who, at the time of this writing, is probably two or three years old, and is confidently filling Axel’s pawprints.

3. Forget Doghouses: This Pup has his Own Watchtower

Story #3 is about Check, a dog whose owners found a happy medium between having to lug the dog onto the roof, like Shuck; and wandering up there, unprotected, like Rufus.  

When Check discovered a way to sneak up on the roof of his owners’ new home, Dad and Son came up with a novel solution – Instead of banning Check from the roof, they built him his own screened-in watchtower.  It even has steps leading up to it, so the petite pooch can get up and down easily.

Inside Edition reports the following:

Check’s owners moved to a new house in Hawaii, with a large veranda on the rooftop.  One day, his owners left him alone in the house; and were surprised to receive a call from the fire department, saying that the neighbors had reported the dog ventured from the veranda to the roof, and was running around.  Thanks to the owners’ idea, the doggie can see them leave and come home. He enjoys hanging out up there during the day, too. Check likes to keep an eye on strangers walking by, next to the property.  Now, this rooftop lookout post is the canine’s favorite spot in the house!’

Inside Edition

Mexican Roof Watchdogs

…and, finally, I thought you might enjoy a look at how people in Mexico guard their homes – With a dog on the roof.  These are not pets, but watchdogs, and they seem to enjoy their lofty positions.  In my video, I’ve included a few of Russell Monk’s excellent photos; but for a real treat, I’ve linked to it at the bottom of this page.

I sure can’t picture my greyhound, Lily, up on any roof – She’s only recently mastered the challenge of skinnying past my car, when I park it too close to one side of the garage!  Check out her progress – and her blooper clip – in my full roof-dog action video below.

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Resources for Further Exploration

Enjoy the story of Rufus, of South Wales.

While you’re reading Shuck’s story, you can also link to Axel’s.

For Check’s “tail,” click his button.

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