The Best Dog Fence for Greyhounds (Is your grey safe?)

One gust of wind, and your fence can go from your greyhound’s greatest protection, to YOUR worst nightmare; so here’s my video of fencing tips that work.

The best dog fence for greyhounds is…
… at least 6 feet high
…kept in good repair at all times
…combined with supervision – NEVER leave a greyhound outside unsupervised! Although they tend to be exceptionally well-behaved, the world’s fastest dog can be equally fast at getting into trouble.

I ran across this article full of great advice on fencing your yard to keep your greyhounds safe. It’s called:
A Good Fence Is the Best Defense, by Patricia Gail Burnham.

In the video, I cite Ms. Burnham’s article, which makes some excellent points. It also brought me to the conclusion that while a good fence is important, it’s even MORE important not to have a false sense of security.

I had heard that greyhounds could jump, but I never actually saw it, until a few months after getting my third grey, Lily. My daughter and I had just finished setting up a massive Christmas tree in our family room. I plopped into a large, stuffed armchair to admire the tree, and was giving Lily a reassuring pat on the head. She was highly suspicious of this outdoor thing in the middle of the room, ans was letting me know it. Her suspicions were well-founded – The tree, without warning, lurched forward, heading right toward us! Lily had her back to it, and I was sure she was going to be struck by it!

The next thing I knew, Lily had launched herself airborne, and sailed over my shoulder, completely over the armchair, and landed safely behind it. Even more startling was the fact that she had done so from a standstill; no running start, no room to take a few steps, or even to assume any kind of starting position. My daughter, who had seen the entire thing from behind the dog, said Lily looked like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

In researching for this video, I found many more flying greyhounds, which I share with you. I also pass on Ms. Burnham’s tips about fence maintenance.

The video concludes with advice on electric fencing, including the new radius-protection type.

Well, I sure hope you’ve never suffered the heartbreak of losing your dog this way.

Many of you greyhound pros probably know all about keeping your fence in good shape. If you have any constructive ideas for our fans who are new greyhound owners, on the subject of fencing, please take a moment to share them in the video’s comments (over at YouTube) – Your knowledge might save a greyhound’s life!

Gail McGaffigan

The owner of the Greyhound Homecare website and YouTube channel, Gail has had retired racing greyhounds as pets since 1997. Please visit our channel, too!

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