Helpful Products for Shaking (& Sunscreens!)


There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on, when it comes to greyhounds! Here are all the products alluded to in my article, “Why Does My Greyhound Shake?”

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for the invention of the Thundershirt. I tried creating a DIY of this product once in a pinch for Shannon, but it turned out lumpy and bumpy and anything by comforting…or comfortable, for that matter.

Greyhounds can struggle with stairs for various reasons. Peaches was fine with them, but as she got older, she slipped on them a few times, and then she would get shaky and nervous about going down them, which made her slip even more. We hated to give up our pretty, hardwood stairs, so these mini mats were a great compromise. They even had a set that matched the rugs we had at the bottom of the stairs – What are the chances?!

Here are two products I strongly recommend buying together, because they work on two different senses for the shaky, nervous greyhound – A ticking alarm clock, and a pheromone diffuser. They are both very soothing.

Alternatively, try this white noise machine which includes a small, gentle-heating diffuser for essential oils. I have this product, as well. If someone in my family has a cold, I’ve been known to borrow it, and fill the little diffuser with Vick’s or eucalyptus essential oil! It’s handy for travel, as well.

This is the crate I mention in my article. For your nervous greyhound , I recommend putting it out of view from a window, as that can prevent the dog from settling down. You’re probably worried that he might get bored, but if nerves are an issue, less stimuli is better.

I adore this set of fleece blankets. You always have a fresh one to tuck around your dog. Have I mentioned how much greyhounds looooove fresh, clean laundry of their very own?! If you want something that will stay on, I suggest this cushy, cute sweater. What could be cuter than an elderly greyhound in a soft sweater??

This is my favorite on-the-go travel pad. After you get this, store it in your car, and don’t be shy about bringing it in wherever you go. It will seriously help acclimate your greyhound to his surroundings, and add to his physical comfort, as well. If you’re going to be ANYWHERE for more that a few quick minutes, your greyhound wants to lay down on something soft. This is easily washable, which is a huge plus.

Also, here’s a link to the Gentle Leader, in case your greyhound is a Houndini who can escape any collar. He won’t be escaping this one…although he may try…at first. In spite of how it looks, you’re not leading the dog around by his snoot. The Gentle Leader exerts pressure behind the dog’s head, which he strongly dislikes. It’s great for stopping pulling, as well.

Finally, if your greyhound is shaking, because some arthritis has set in, I strongly suggest you try some Arthri-Soothe Level 3 Gold. This supplement helped make our Shannon much more functional with his arthritis, without Rimadyl or other heavy drugs that he didn’t tolerate well. You might have to cover the pills with some peanut butter, but they are well worth it. A good indicator of how successful this product is, is the fact that the huge size is the bestseller.

Sun Care

Lily’s got the thinnest coat ever, so sun safety is a big concern at our house.
Emmy’s Best is a nice, light, effective sunscreen, formulated just for dogs

We’re pretty fond of Handy Hound Snout Screen, as well. It’s not the cheapest, but a little goes a long way.